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The Actionable Link
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Georgi's course is a really good entry level based Link Building course. It has a bunch of modules from Broken Link Building to Outraech templates, to using Haro for Link Acquisition. If you want to scale up your team, definitely check Georgi's course! - James Norquay founder of Prosperity Media
Spectacular course! Definitely recommend it. I've even signed up some of our people here in DevriX - Mario Peshev CEO and Founder of DevriX
Finally there is a detailed and actionable course that a complete beginner can follow and built superior white-hat backlinks - Yam Regev from Zest
The Actionable Link Building Training is a really solid overview of LB tactics. Good resource for new folks getting started with link building. Ian Howells from trafficthinktank.com
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About the course

Running an SEO agency means you already know just how important creating high quality backlinks are for ranking. In fact, if you’ve ever attempted white link building, you’ll also already know how laborious it is and the enormous time it takes just to create a handful of links.

Actionable Link Building Training will help your junior employees to build white hat backlinks in the same way as an experienced professional, whether or not they’ve had previous experience in SEO. This training course is intricately detailed and easily actionable, all you need to do is either hire a virtual assistant, send them the course and you’re ready to outsource all of your link building direct to them. Alternatively, you can use one of your own junior SEO specialists in your team.

The benefits are enormous. This training course allows you to focus on what’s most important to you, building up your business, making those sales and leaving link building to junior employees or virtual assistants.

Petri Maatta
founder of page1clients.com
Mario Peshev
founder of DevriX
James Norquay
founder of Prosperity Media
Anastasia Lukina
Nikola Baldikov
Marketing Manager of Brosix
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Hiring module

This module focuses on how to hire virtual assistants and writers.  There are a few useful actionable videos to help. Ideally, you need a VA (virtual assistant) to help you with simple (and sometimes mundane) link building tasks or to complete an entire link building job – all you need to do is manage their work.  This module helps you to understand how to manage your freelance VA, how to monitor their time and how to track their work. All of these ingredients ensure that they deliver high quality work, on time. Additionally, this module details how you can hire quality writers, where to find the best writers and how to develop your own “pool” of writers for different niches.  You’ll learn how to assign article outlines and briefs to your writers in order to get the best possible articles required for link building.

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The Outreach Campaign Rules

Don’t let your outreach campaign fail!  I often see many marketing beginners (and even more experienced marketers) make mistakes in their outreach campaigns, without even realising they’re making errors.  In fact, in the last couple of years I myself have sent thousands of outreach campaign emails and learnt many lessons of my own. I’ve received more than 100 link building pitches a month from other people and honestly, 99% of them are terrible.  You need to learn to be in that 1% of brilliance!

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Guest Posting Module

In this module you will learn how to research effectively and find relevant blogs that you can reach out to.  This module also explores how you can create your own outreach system manually or use an outreach tool such as Pitchbox. I cover the topic: Buying backlinks as well. Paying for backlinks nowadays is a very controversial topic; instead, I’ll show you the right way to buy links and the wrong way as well.

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Award Link Building Method

In this module I’ll teach you how to make a list with 10/20/50/100 bloggers and award them with a specially created badge. The ideal scenario here is that valuable bloggers use that badge on their website to impress their readership and you earn a link back in the badge that goes directly to your site. That’s an easy and cost efficient method to use, great for projects on a low budget.

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Broken Link Building Method

In this module I’ll show you how to use Ahrefs to find targets for broken link building. I will also direct you in how to use outreach tool Pitchbox to automate your broken link building outreach campaign

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HARO Link Building

“Help a Reporter” or HARO for short is a database that connects journalists with sources. It’s a simple process; you pitch your stories to journalists on a subject they’re looking for.  Hopefully, they like and want your story so they quote you within their article/material, providing a link back to your website. The truth is that it’s a process that takes up a lot of time every day but I’ll show you the lazy way to do it! I’ll also show you how I hired a PR Virtual Assistant on Upwork and how she was pitching journalists every day on my behalf earning me some brilliant backlinks!

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Infographic Outreach

In this module you will learn how to organise an infographic at a reduced price, embed it into your website, and then reach out to bloggers who have published topics relating to your infographic.  Then, you can offer them use of your infographic and that gets you a source of quick and easy links.

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Link Reclamation

In this module you will learn how to find unlinked mentions and when it is appropriate to ask those responsible for the mentions to add a link to your site. You’ll learn how to set up alerts for those unlinked mentions. If you reach out to the webmaster as soon as they mention you (or within 24 hours), there is a far better chance that they will edit the article, and place a link back.

I’ll also show you the useful tool I use to track when someone removes a link that directed back to my website. Again, if you reach out to the person responsible immediately after they remove the link, the chance of them putting it back is higher.

At the very end of this module, there is an exclusive video by Andy Crestodina, a guest contributor to this course.

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Resource Page Link Building

Resource page links will strengthen your backlink profile. In the resource pages you won’t find links to what I call “garbage sites”. Resource pages only list the crème de la crème of the internet. You’ll learn how to find the right resource pages to pitch, and how to pitch them successfully.

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Supplementary Link Building Methods

In this module you will learn a few clever supplementary link building methods.  You will also learn how to create a stock photo-library and this helps you to get a few passive links a month from bloggers that want to use your images.

In another section you’ll learn how to syndicate a small of part your blog content the right way, and get a few links from superior domains.

Another part of this module pays particular attention to How to use Q&A sites to build your personal brand, direct traffic to your website, and get some more links.

You’ll explore how to leverage the power of the Write for Us pages and get a few easy links from them too.

Last but not least, you’ll find a video by guest contributor Dario Zadro who built an effective online tool that earned him plenty of backlinks!

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