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Hello, everyone! My name is Georgi Todorov. I have been doing Link Building since 2013. That’s straight after the Google updates which changed the Link Building forever. I remember that in 2013 everyone was talking about Black Hat Link Building practices and Google penalties. 

I think I’m lucky that I got started with Link Building after the Google updates in 2012. I never got into Black Hat Link Building. Instead I had to focus on earning backlinks through Outreach. I excelled at outreach for links. I tried almost every known Link Building method.

I managed Link Building campaigns for more than 100 companies in the last 5 years.

I have been working for some Fortune 500 companies but also for small businesses with small budgets, which is not that bad because it helped me develop my creativity.

I am doing the Link Building for most of my clients, and consulting some of them, training their in-house stuff as well.


I am an author at more than 50 high quality websites that DON’T accept just anyone as an author. In this course I’ll show how I achieved that!


Here are some of my guest posts: